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Chengde Tour Routes


Chengde tour routes includes Chengde package tour, half day Chengde tour and Chengde transfer service.
The package Chengde tour routes covers private vehicle, driver, guide, hotel, admission fee, meal and parking cost. We will take care all aspect of your visit in Chengde.
Half day Chengde tour routes is simple. Only vehicle, driver, tour guide and admission fee are included. You may choose one tour routes as below according to your timetable.

Chengde Package Tour
Chengde 2 days tour
Beijing Chengde tour

Chengde Half Day Tour
Chengde half day tour of Summer Resort
Temple of Potaraka Doctrine+Temple of Universal Peace

Chengde Transfer Service
Beijing Chengde Transfer
Chengde Train Station Transfer

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